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Tid-Bit Tuesday: St Louis Cardinals Fan Thumbnail

Tid-Bit Tuesday: St Louis Cardinals Fan

Tid-Bit Tuesday

Tid-Bit Tuesday - St Louis Cardinals Fan


Growing up in Central Illinois you would run into quite the split of fans. About 90% of people were either fans of the Cardinals or the Cubs (the remaining 10% were commonly White Sox fans or a mixture of any of the other teams).

Baseball was a fun sport to play and watch for me growing up. I played from T-Ball all the way to High School Baseball. During my formative years, was when the resurgence of Baseball: 1998 -The Home Run Record Chase battle between St Louis Cardinal: Mark McGwire and Chicago Cub: Sammy Sosa. 

This upcoming season for the Cardinals is expected to be the final ride for 3 players who have loomed large in the Cardinals: Yadi, Wainwright, and Pujols (who has made his way back to the Cardinals after several seasons away). 

Cheers to a great upcoming season!