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Common Questions Answered via Financial Planning for Generation X, Y, and Z

Am I Saving enough for the future? What Benefits through my work are right for me?

How Should I Look to pay down my student debt?

Going from a me to a we... How do we plan our finances for our new family unit?What can I afford to spend on …. (insert big ticket item here)

How can I help you?

Hi! I'm John B. Bennett, CFP®. I am dedicated to helping you set and achieve your financial goals. I believe that you are the expert in your own life and I am here to help you step into the person you were meant to be. My physical office is located in the Central Illinois area, however I work with clients across the country and currently serve families in various states.

I work as your guide to get you on a path towards taking control of your financial narrative (AKA time freedom). As a fiduciary to you and your goals, I strive to help you make your future bigger than your past. 

There are several answers out there in the world today, but which answers are right for you? Together we can determine what applies to you and your situation. 

Want to find out more? Fill out the contact form below